Dead Reign

Season 2, Episode 1

After a harsh winter that claimed the lives of several inhabitants of Mount Weather, the old gang has gotten back together—minus Doris, who just wants some time to herself to figure out the changes she’s going through. Conrad is laid up with a stomach bug.

Now that the roads are clear enough to drive on, the Manhattan survivor leaders—Rasheed, Governor Byrne, Brad, and Rosalie—are asked to go scouting in the nearby cities for a new source of medicine, information on what’s been going on since the Fall, and any potential farming opportunities so that Mount Weather can start growing its own food again. They decide to head to Washington DC, despite it being a major metropolitan hub and a likely location for hordes of zombies.

They stop along the way at Wolf Trap Farm, hoping to scavenge some goodies. They find living horses and a dead girl who apparently used to love them, as well as a large zombie wedding party. They make quick work of the zombies and stay the night at the farm without incident. The next day, they make their slow way into the former US capital, which is clogged with traffic for miles around.

They scout the area and find tons of zombies, then park in an underground garage and make their way into the Hotel Monaco to set up shop. They use the electrical tunnels and sewers under the area to navigate to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, where they begin looting spare parts and components by the score. Unfortunately, they also alert the zombies in the museum to their presence. The episode ends with them preparing to defend their haul.


blackwingedheaven blackwingedheaven

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