Aaron Chadwick

An elderly chemist


Aaron Chadwick is a handsome older man, somewhere in his mid to late 60s. His silver hair is still thick and full, and his gravelly voice still has much of its charm. Unlike his brother Patrick, Aaron is still quite fit and healthy for his age.


Aaron Chadwick spent most of his adult life as a chemical engineer before retiring five years ago to enjoy his twilight years. Aaron had never married, preferring instead to move from one mistress to the next and avoid entanglements. His only family, his younger brother Patrick, lived on the other side of the country, and the two men had rarely seen each other in a decade until Patrick came to the East Coast on business. Aaron and Patrick discovered that they were still friends on top of being brothers and were talking about moving back in together when the Fall happened.

Aaron is fiercely loyal to his “little brother,” and surprisingly sanguine about the possibility of imminent death. He considers himself to have lived life to the fullest and squared away his fear of mortality decades ago. Aaron is a staunch atheist and doesn’t approve of “superstitious nonsense.”

Aaron Chadwick

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