Alec Connelly

Former IRA member and meth dealer


Alec Connelly is a middle-aged man with bright red hair and several facial scars. He tends to keep his hair styled like a Irish street punk and is clean-shaven. His typical outfit is a sleeveless T-shirt and jeans under a workman’s jumpsuit.


Alec was with an IRA-affiliated street gang in Northern Ireland as a teenager, but moved to stay with relatives in the States after the armistice in the mid-90s. He fell in with a criminal element there too, eventually marrying a two-time convict named Miranda Juarez. Their marriage stayed strong and eventually blessed them with three children—Flora, Finn, and Mitchell. Their family’s reclusiveness and ruthless behavior saw them all through the Fall, though they’ve recently decided to join up with the Allentown survivors.

Alec Connelly

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