Senator Alyssa Clark

The wife of a US senator who died in the Fall


Alyssa Clark is a middle-aged woman with dark hair and blue eyes. She dresses in conservative fashion, preferring long skirts and dark jackets. She wears glasses when she reads.


Alyssa Clark is the widow of Missouri senator John Clark (R-MO). She and her husband made it to the Mount Weather emergency vault, but he was killed during the outbreak that made the vault uninhabitable. She and several staffers survived the disaster and were rescued by a group of survivors including New Jersey Governor Brendan Byrne.

Ms. Clark claims to be the highest-ranking remaining member of the federal government, as there is precedent for a senator’s spouse to take over their position after they die in the absence of a government-appointed replacement. She made a bid for control of the Mount Weather sanctuary through a public election, but was barely defeated in a runoff. She now acts as a member of the Mount Weather advisory council. It’s a poorly kept secret that she’s in a relationship with her aide, Eleanor Colgan.

Senator Alyssa Clark

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