Brianna "Bree" Gardner

One of the remaining Horseman lieutenants


Bree Gardner is almost six feet tall, lean and well muscled. She keeps her short hair dyed in several colors, and her face is full of piercings. Her arms and back are heavily tattooed, and she’s rarely out in public without a leather jacket, ass-kicking boots, and a half-dozen weapons.


Brianna Gardner could have been a model—she’s certainly tall and good-looking enough—but she liked violence a little too much before the Fall, so she wound up as a bouncer at a biker bar instead. Rather than becoming some biker’s “babe,” her intelligence, ruthlessness, and willpower pushed her into a role as a mediator and negotiator for several different bike gangs. Her leadership and planning skills made her rich, but she was unhappy organizing petty drug deals and car thefts. Before she could start moving up in the world, the Fall came along and turned her into a happy warlord and one of the leaders of the Horsemen.

When the New York survivors confronted the Red King, Bree and her soldiers looked the other way long enough for Tlaloc to be defeated. She had hoped to replace him as the leader of the gang, but even her charisma wasn’t enough to keep the various factions of the Horsemen from tearing themselves apart. She now leads the single largest remaining group of Horsemen—one that she intends to become the only remaining group of Horsemen, after the others get in line or get in the ground.

Brianna "Bree" Gardner

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