Dr. Chelsea Hart

A cardiologist with a punny name


Dr. Chelsea Hart is a woman in her late 40s with dark hair just beginning to turn grey. Her soft features often have a look of indecision about them, as though going through life perpetually confused. Despite her vague appearance, Dr. Hart is extremely perceptive—and she doesn’t care for jokes about her name.


Dr. Hart started off life as Chelsea Handler, a Bronx girl with a big IQ and dreams of escaping poverty. She got her doctorate on scholarship, and the grueling necessities of academic life pushed her toward early alcoholism. She was able to get a grip on her life for a few years, long enough to marry up and have a son, but a messy divorce a few years back sent her spiraling back into heavy drinking. Dr. Hart was on the verge of losing her medical license, and her grown son had come to meet with her for an intervention when all hell broke loose. Now Chelsea and her son are part of the New York survivor group led by Governor Byrne.

Dr. Chelsea Hart

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