Crystal Pines

A former prisoner, now a leader among free women


Crystal Pines is a dark-haired woman in her early twenties, though her hard eyes make her look years older than she really is. She typically wears black T-shirts and jeans, topped with an old prison guard’s jacket. She’s one of the few people in the former prison trusted enough to carry a gun.


Crystal’s mother went to prison while she was still in high school, leaving Crystal and Rosalie behind to fend for themselves. Crystal got a job, but Rosalie went into foster care. The older girl let her little sister crash at her apartment whenever she ran away from her foster parents (which was frequently), but wound up sliding into the same bad behavior as their mother over time.

Crystal’s boyfriend Alan was dealing heroin and got caught, then rolled on Crystal to reduce his own sentence. Crystal hadn’t been using (lately anyway), but Alan had been hiding his stash in her apartment. She wound up getting five years for possession and sent out of state to SCI Pottsville in Pennsylvania. When the Fall came, Crystal was sure that Rosalie was dead and decided to stay with the women at the prison to weather the storm.

In the last year, Crystal had become very respected by women years older than her for her level head and even temper, so she was a natural choice to be a block leader when they started trying to figure out who was in charge.

Crystal Pines

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