Elijah Mathis

A crazed "prophet of the Lord"


Elijah looks like a clean-cut young man, maybe a missionary or church worker with his short-sleeved white button-up shirt and black trousers. He carries a Bible with him almost everywhere. His dark hair and dark eyes give him moody good looks, and he seems to be about sixteen or seventeen years old.


Elijah is the oldest son of Pastor Zachariah Mathis, a Baptist preacher, and the older brother of Mary Mathis. He’s spent his whole life in the service of Christ, and before the Fall, he had ambitions to attend seminary and follow in his father’s footsteps. Elijah and his sister are best friends, which might be unusual for siblings.

Elijah is convinced that the “zombies” are actually the dead risen from the grave as foretold by Revelation. He and his sister lead a cult of pseudo-Christian death worshipers who refer to zombies as “the resurrected” and seek to slaughter all non-believers for the greater glory of Christ. Elijah’s father has renounced this dark faith but still loves his children and hopes to see them returned to sanity at some point.

Elijah Mathis

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