Horseman Biker

Members of a lethal nomadic gang


The average Horseman is a rough-and-tumble motorcycle enthusiast in their mid-twenties to early thirties. A few are older (even much older) and a few are younger, but the majority are just old enough to be decent fighters and still too young to regard their own mortality with any sort of reality.


The Horsemen are a group of diverse biker gangs who were forged together into a single “super-gang” by Tlaloc, the Red King. They operated out of Fracktown for the first few months after the Fall, raiding communities for slaves and sacrifices. After Tlaloc’s destruction, the Horsemen fell to infighting and bickering, resulting in the gang breaking up over the winter of 2015-16.

Many of the Horsemen froze or starved over the Black Winter, but large numbers of them remain active in the Northeast. Though the various groups still call themselves Horsemen for cred or to inspire fear, the days of the Horsemen as a single powerful force are over. When two groups wearing the Horsemen colors meet up, they’re as likely to fight as they are to work together, and any alliances between gangs are strictly short term.

Horseman Biker

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