Judge Joseph Bell

A stern older man with no patience for nonsense


Judge Joe Bell is an older man with grey hair, glasses, and a heavy mustache twenty years out of date. He dresses in the remains of a nice suit and seems to be perpetually scowling.


Joseph Bell has been a New York circuit court judge for almost thirty years. His “tough on crime” attitude came out of the anti-drug movements of the mid-1980s, but Joe Bell would honestly have been just as much at home as a hanging judge a century prior. His vicious attitude in the courtroom and his unpleasant demeanor out of it led to some of his opponents calling him “Old Doom Bell” behind his back.

Now they’re dead, and he’s still alive. So who got the last laugh after all?

Judge Bell’s grand-niece Mariah was working in his offices as a clerk when the Fall came. The two of them managed to escape to the Pine Building, where they joined up with other survivors.

Though Judge Bell initially resisted the leadership of Governor Byrne, he eventually came to see the error of his ways and is settling in to the Mount Weather sanctuary nicely.

Judge Joseph Bell

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