Mariah Bell

A survivor from New York


Mariah Bell is a short, slightly chubby young woman with curly strawberry blonde hair and pale blue eyes. She wears an “I < 3 N.J.” T-shirt and jeans; her beloved designer shoes have given way to cheap sneakers.


Mariah is the grand-niece of Judge Joe Bell. Before the Fall, she was working as a clerk in her great-uncle’s court as a favor from Judge Bell to her father. Mariah is a trained paralegal but had trouble getting a job due to some problems with her last position—namely, that she beat up one of the firm’s partner and charged him with unwanted advances. He narrowly avoided criminal charges of sexual assault, but Mariah was without a job or prospects until her great-uncle stepped in. Despite Judge Bell’s abrasive personality and conservative views, Mariah thinks of him as a good person, deep down inside.

Mariah Bell

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