Patrick Chadwick

An elderly biologist


A thin older man with dark hair and a rumpled suit, Pat Chadwick has a sleepy, almost bemused look about him most of the time. His hands shake when he uses them, and his voice has a slight quaver to it. Overall, Professor Chadwick looks like a man without many years left to him.


Dr. Patrick Chadwick, PhD, spent the last several decades as a tenured biology professor at a major West Coast university. He had consulted for the CDC, FEMA, and numerous health groups in the United States and Europe, and he had a reputation as one of the world’s foremost experts in epidemiology. Despite all of that, Professor Chadwick never became arrogant like many of his colleagues.

Pat was in New York for a conference when his physician told him to come home immediately, as there were some discrepancies in his most recent bloodwork. He didn’t bother booking a return flight; he has suspected for a while that he had cancer, and the thought left him feeling surprisingly unafraid. Instead, he put in for an indefinite sabbatical and looked up his brother Aaron. The two old men were catching up when the Fall came.

Even though he’s the only one of them with a doctorate, Patrick never corrects people when they refer to him and his brother as “the Doctors Chadwick.”

Patrick Chadwick

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