Rosalie G. Pines

A young street thief who relies on her wits and speed to survive.


Rosalie is a small, slight and pretty 13 year old girl with chin-length light brown hair and green eyes. She’s rarely seen without a pair of aviator-style goggles on her head, and usually has the hood of her jacket pulled up.

She’s quick, agile, quiet, and rarely seen, emerging from air ducts and ceiling tiles occasionally. She seems good at climbing and squeezing into tight spaces, and has occasionally managed to “somehow” get into locked rooms.


Rosalie doesn’t talk much about how she ended up where she was, but it’s pretty easy to glean from her secondhand clothes and mishmash of items that she was a street kid. There are enough of them in the city after all. Or there were, before the zombies. Rosalie was one of the luckier ones. Quicker, cleverer, more alert. One way or another she managed not to get bitten, and to hide out.

She grew up in the Manhattan slums, and learned her survival skills there, becoming an accomplished thief and parkour artist, and was well on her way to becoming quite a sneak-thief, challenging herself to more complex locks and more secure targets…

Then the zombie apocalypse happened and, well… Survival skills are survival skills, and looters go for easy targets. There’s still plenty of good stuff around if you know where to look and how to get it.

She’s just not so sure she trusts anyone in this little gathering, particularly. Doris seems ok, but all these guys… Rosalie has seen enough movies to know to be on her guard. And she’s lived on the street long enough to know not to hesitate if she feels threatened.

Rosalie G. Pines

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