Samantha Lee

The de facto leader of the Allentown survivors


Samantha is an African-American woman of medium height, appearing to be in her late 30s or early 40s. She dresses simply and carries a pistol at her hip. Her eyes are bright and sharp, giving her the impression of watching everyone and everything. She can come off as brusque and even a little ruthless.


Samantha was born and raised in Allentown, PA. Until the Fall, she was a normal housewife with a devoted husband and two children. The apocalypse took everything from her and turned her into a fighter. Samantha never knew what she was capable of until the day she cut a zombie’s head off with a length of barbed wire and rallied a desperate band of survivors together to lead them to safety.

In the time since the Fall, she’s gained a reputation as someone who “gets things done” in the Allentown survivor community. She hasn’t officially claimed leadership, but enough people defer to her at this point that it’s moot—at least until the immediate dangers are over. Only Samantha and her right-hand man, Anton Armstrong, know exactly how desperate things are for the Lehigh River Valley and its prospects, something she’s gone to great lengths to keep people from finding out.

Samantha isn’t proud of all the things she’s done since taking charge in Allentown, but she still has a basic moral center that won’t let her turn away survivors or leave people to be murdered by zombies. Things have gotten better for her since the move to Mount Weather, where she’s happy to be part of a functioning (if provisional) government rather than the sole decision-maker.

Samantha Lee

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