The Red King, leader of the Horsemen


Tlaloc is a shriveled, bloodless corpse wearing ancient gold jewelry and girding his loins with cloth wrappings and faux leopard-skin. He smells of redolent spices and honey due to the method of his preservation, and he paints his body in the method of ancient Aztec priests, preferring mottled red and blue patterns, with his face left bare. When he opens his mouth, careful observers can see that his teeth are sharp and crooked; his eyes are hollow sockets with blue flames hovering in them.


Tlaloc awoke from his long slumber in a museum, surrounded by the corpses of those he had devoured in his half-waking state. He vaguely remembers being a priest in a mighty city on a lake, responsible for saving the world thousands of times over—by cutting out the heart of a sacrifice each morning to ensure the sun would rise. Tlaloc does not remember how he died, or very many details of his life really, but he remembers the nightmares in his deathly sleep.

He remembers the gods, slumbering in their vast ocean of blood—an ocean that was receding over time without sacrifice to refill it. The last thing he remembers from before waking up was one of them opening a terrible eye and looking at him.

Tlaloc immediately went out and began recruiting for his cult, kidnapping humans to sacrifice to the blood gods in order to put them back to sleep. He fears that it might already be too late for the world, but if he can keep Earth from being dragged into the underworld, he will do anything it takes. Tlaloc is the force behind the Horsemen road gang, using his influence to keep Frackville safe from the walking dead while they fill his “quota” of bodies.

The heroes slew him in dreadful combat, and he went screaming to whatever hell awaits the damned.


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