Zachariah Mathis

A Baptist preacher and leader of the Quakertown survivors


Zachariah Mathis is a man in his late 50s or early 60s, tall and powefully built. He wears a white-streaked beard and dresses more like a farmer than a preacher. He keeps the black suit and collar in reserve for Sundays, and otherwise lives like he would want any of his parishioners to do.


Zachariah Mathis has been a Baptist preacher since the 1970s, when he was sent to Pennsylvania as a young man. He eventually found love with Ruth Gillis, a local girl, and married her. They were childless for many years, until the birth of their son, Elijah, and a year later his sister, Mary.

Since the Fall, Zachariah has worked tirelessly to save as many lives—and souls—as he can. Unfortunately, the loss of his children to madness and the loss of his home to the horde they brought down on everyone has visibly aged him. Zachariah has begun to doubt his faith, and only his wife has kept him on the righteous path. He would be happy to settle down again, and he’s looking to divest himself of leadership responsibilities for the survivors under his care so that he can go back to being their spiritual guide rather than their temporal one.

The move to Mount Weather has made things easier for “Father” Mathis, as he can now focus on tending to the spiritual needs of his flock. He still doesn’t know if he believes in god or not anymore, the irony of which would drive any man to drink—which it has certainly done for him.

Zachariah Mathis

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