Edges and Hindrances

Banned Hindrances

  • Doubting Thomas: Everyone knows zombies are real at this point. There’s just no point denying it. Anyone who can’t accept the new reality is likely Delusional instead.
  • Enemy: While heroes might accumulate new enemies over the course of the campaign, all their old ones are probably dead at this point.
  • Outsider: Whatever divisions existed in society before the Fall are pretty much pointless now.
  • Poverty: Money and wealth ceased to exist during the Fall. Now, the only difference between a poor man and a rich one is how many cans of beans they have.
  • Wanted: The government is gone, and all of its rules and laws with it.

Altered Hindrances

  • Big Mouth: The character suffers a –2 penalty on Stealth rolls because he can’t keep his mouth shut.
  • Habit (Major): The addict with this Hindrance uses up 1 unit of medicine or 1d4 chemical components per day to get his fix.
  • Young: See New Hindrances below for the full changes to this Hindrance.

Banned Edges

  • Adept: Not appropriate due to lack of magic.
  • Arcane Background: There is no magic in the Dead Reign campaign setting—supposedly.
  • Arcane Resistance: No point being resistance to something that doesn’t exist.
  • Champion: If God exists, he’s certainly not picking favorites.
  • Connections: “Knowing people” isn’t very helpful when all the people you know can fit in a room together.
  • Gadgeteer: Weird Science doesn’t exist in the Dead Reign campaign setting.
  • Giant Killer: Fighting giants isn’t really the point of a zombie setting.
  • Investigator: While not banned, it’s not going to be especially useful.
  • Linguist: It’s not really banned, but it’s pretty pointless since the game takes place in America. Basically everyone speaks English; if a character wants to speak a foreign language, just let them.
  • Mentalist: Psychic powers don’t exist in the Dead Reign campaign setting.
  • Mr. Fix-It: Weird Science doesn’t exist in the Dead Reign campaign setting.
  • Power Edges: None of the Power Edges are appropriate for Dead Reign.
  • Power Surge: Magic doesn’t exist in the Dead Reign campaign setting.
  • Noble: There are no “nobles” in a modern setting, really.
  • Rich: The Fall made everyone’s little green pieces of paper basically worthless.
  • Scholar: Again, not banned but not really very useful.
  • Wizard: Magic doesn’t exist in the Dead Reign campaign setting.

Altered Edges

  • Liquid Courage: Using this Edge requires 1d4 chemical components or 1 unit of medicine.
  • McGyver: The hero is always considered to have improvised tools for purposes of repairing or building objects. The character can build an improvised workshop in 1d6 hours of work.
  • Scavenger: The Weird Edge from the corebook is replaced with a new Professional Edge (see below).

New and Altered Hindrances

Weak-Willed [Minor]
You are particularly easy to brow-beat or frighten. You suffer a –2 penalty on Tests of Will.

Young [Major]
Children are sometimes forced to go on dangerous adventures through unfortunate circumstances. Think carefully before choosing this Hindrance, for your character starts at a significant disadvantage.
Young heroes are generally 8-12 years old. A Young hero cannot raise any physical attribute above d8, nor any physical-linked Skill, until he becomes an adult. Additionally, the character suffers –1 Toughness, as though Small. On the plus side, youths like these have a fair amount of luck. They draw one extra benny at the beginning of each game session. This is in addition to any additional bennies gained from such things as the Luck or Great Luck Edges.
If the character should live long enough to mature, the Hindrance doesn’t have to be bought off, he’s already paid the price for the Hindrance by starting at a disadvantage. He stops getting the extra benny when he reaches 18 years of age, however (or whenever the GM determines that he’s become a “real adult”).

New and Altered Edges

Arcane Background (Hoodoo) [Background Edge]
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, Spirit d6+
Arcane Skill: Hoodoo (Smarts)
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 2
Ask the GM for more details about this Edge if you’re interested in taking it.

Boom! Headshot! [Combat Edge]
Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d8+, Fighting d8+ or Shooting d8+
When your character makes a called shot against a zombie’s head, you only suffer –2 to the roll rather than –4. When your character takes this Edge, it applies only to the combat skill used to qualify for it (Fighting or Shooting). If the character has (or later gains) d8+ in the other skill, it applies equally to that skill as well.

Crowspeaker [Weird Edge]
Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+, Streetwise d6+, Survival d6+
Since the Fall, ravens and crows have demonstrated much greater intelligence than they once did—as well as a capacity for speech. You have managed to make friends with such birds, gaining their aid in small ways.
You can make Streetwise checks in the wilderness to gather information and rumors, representing your ability to ask ravens and crows about local goings-on. You gain a +2 bonus on Survival checks made to gather food or navigate, since you can rely on corvids to show you the way. Despite their amiability toward you, corvids won’t risk their lives to help you—they’re friendly, not stupid.

Destiny’s Child [Background Edge]
Requirements: Novice, Wild Card
You are just plain lucky. Each game session, you may draw and play an additional card from the Adventure Deck.

Immune Survivor [Background Edge]
Requirements: Novice, Vigor d6+
For whatever reason, a few rare people are naturally immune to zombie plague. Your character has already gone through his first exposure to the dreaded disease and come out the other side unscathed. The hero suffers no special effect from a zombie’s bite (other than taking damage, of course).

Salvage Expert [Professional Edge]
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, Knowledge (Science or Electronics) d6+, Repair d8+
Some people know how to make do with little to nothing—your character is one of them. The character gains a +2 bonus on Repair checks made to repair or build items with components. On a raise with a Repair roll, the hero halves the amount of time needed for any repair or building project.

Scavenger [Professional Edge]
Requirements: Novice, Notice d6+, Survival d6+
Your character is an expert at living off the ruins of the pre-collapse world, finding things that others often overlook—or are too busy fleeing zombies to notice. When you successfully scavenge, you draw two cards instead of one and pick the one you prefer. Additionally, the GM draws two cards to determine if a random encounter occurs; there is only a random encounter if both cards are clubs.

Uneaten [Weird Edge]
Requirements: Seasoned, Spirit d6+, Immune Survivor Edge or naturally immune
Even folks who are immune to the zombie plague aren’t immune to being devoured alive. You’re one step closer, though. Unintelligent zombies ignore you as though you weren’t there outside of combat. In combat, you are the last person to be attacked by zombie extras, and zombies suffer a -2 penalty on trait rolls targeting you even if they can perceive you.

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