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Dead Reign

Welcome to the world after the Fall!

In Dead Reign, you will take on the role of Survivors, men and women who survived the zombie apocalypse and now struggle every day to get by in the ruins of civilization. In this new world where the dead rule and humans fight to survive, Survivors are the toughest, smartest, or luckiest people—the ones who made it when everyone else died.

Dead Reign uses the Savage Worlds Deluxe core rules, with starting characters being fairly normal people who survived the Fall, only to be thrust into a deadly new world. The walking dead are ubiquitous in Dead Reign, a constant reminder of the dangers of post-Fall life and an unending hazard in the fight for survival.

The Dead Reign setting also uses several new rules and alters the base Savage Worlds rules in minor ways. See below for more information on these expanded and changed rules.

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