Rules Notes

Notes from the Zombie Apocalypse

The following rules deserve some clarification and being called out for the purposes of a zombie apocalypse campaign setting. Additionally, this is the area to look for errata and FAQs about the rules.


Acrobat: This Edge excels at letting survivors get around in urban wastelands, effectively making them experts at parkour and free running.

Alertness: +2 Notice doesn’t sound exciting until you think about how often that’s going to be the difference between “Is that just a coat rack?” and “Holy shit, that’s a zombie.”

Assassin: In the world after the Fall, “silent but deadly” is actually a great strategy. No one debates about whether or not it’s ethical to stab a zombie in the back of the head.

Brave: The ability to face down a horde and not flinch can be vital to survival.

Fleet-Footed: Most zombies are slow. Most, but not all. When you need to put on the speed, this Edge is your best friend.

Improvisational Fighter: This Edge lets a survivor use all the various home implements that people turn into weapons without penalty.

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Rules Notes

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