Other survivors can be a hero’s greatest resource. No one can face the zombie apocalypse alone, regardless of what some might claim, so while more people means more mouths to feed, it also means more skills to draw upon—and more help when the shit hits the fan.

Pine Building Survivors

Friendly Survivors

  • Colin Evans: late 50s, carpenter; brown eyes, medium-length wavy dirty-blonde hair. Skill: Repair d6.
  • Patrick Chadwick: mid-60s, epidemiologist; frail and sickly; grey eyes, brown hair. Skills: Knowledge (biology) d8, Healing d4.
  • Aaron Chadwick: late-60s, chemist; still fit; dark blue eyes, brown hair. Skill: Knowledge (chemistry) d8. Special: Can craft explosives.
  • Chelsea Hart: late 40s, cardiologist; soft features, blue eyes, very short black hair. Skills: Healing d8. Hindrance: Habit (Major: alcoholic).
  • Courtney Wilkins: late 20s; tall and muscular; brown eyes, short blonde hair. Skills: Shooting d6, Swimming d6. Special: Owns a gun.
  • Steven Warner: mid 40s; tall but solid; brown eyes, auburn hair.
  • Marissa Webb: mid-30s; thin body with a round face; dark brown eyes, platinum blonde hair.
  • Whitney Brooks: late 30s; pudgy; brown eyes, long wavy brown hair.

Neutral Survivors

  • Jason Griffin: early 30s; short and frail build, dark blue eyes, short curly black hair.
  • Rebecca Stewart: late 50s; stocky build, hazel eyes, short straight black hair.
  • Abigail Bates: mid-60s; stocky and overweight; pale brown eyes, long straight reddish-brown hair.
  • Jill Medina: late 40s; short and pudgy; dark green eyes, very short blonde hair.
  • Audrey Oppenheimer: early 30s; tall, sharp-featured, dark brown eyes, short reddish-brown hair.
  • Mariah Bell: mid-30s; short and stout; pale blue eyes, curly strawberry blonde hair. Judge Bell’s niece.
  • Jennifer Jordan: mid-30s; lanky, blue-green eyes, very long wavy blonde hair.
  • Faith Reeves: early 30s; tall and slender; dark blue eyes, very short curly blonde hair.
  • Alexander Robinson: early 40s; short and lean; dark green eyes, brown hair.
  • Nick Garvey: early 30s; tall and gangly; hazel eyes, long brown hair.
  • Mary O’Brien: early 30s; tall and slim; pale blue eyes, red hair.
  • Timothy Hart: mid-20s; hard features, blue eyes, long black hair; looks dangerous. Dr. Hart’s son.

Unfriendly Survivors

  • Judge Joe Bell: late 40s, judge; thick build, average height; hazel eyes, brown hair; kind of a prick. Thinks he should be in charge.
  • Tina Wilson: late 20s, brokerage clerk; soft features; dark green eyes, long straight red hair. Hates Brad.

Dead or Missing Survivors

  • Luke Hernandez: late 20s; tall and slim; dark brown eyes and hair, good-looking. Lost during the Battle of Quakertown when he fled from the horde.


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