A Brief History of the Fall

September 5, 2015: First reports of a new strain of the flu begin to trickle out to the public.

September 7, 2015: First confirmed reports of the dead rising from their graves.

September 8, 2015: The United States government declares a state of emergency as several million walking dead rise up in major metropolitan areas.

September 9, 2015: No further communications from the government are issued after this day. This is generally considered the date of the Fall.

September 12, 2015: News stops coming in from Europe and Asia, presumably from their own outbreaks of the “zombie plague.”

September 13, 2015: Widespread panic and chaos leads to looting, riots, and mass evacuations that turn into slaughters. Civilization as modern man knows it ceases to exist.

September 20, 2015: Municipal water and power systems collapse without engineers to maintain them.

October 1, 2015: A group of survivors hiding out in lower Manhattan decide to make a break for it.

October 3, 2015: The Manhattan survivors cross over into New Jersey on a stolen ferry. They are about 30 strong.

October 30, 2015: The Manhattan survivors are taken captive by a group of religious extremists led by the charismatic (and insane) Elijah Mathis. They manage to escape, but the compound is breached and the local survivors must join up with the Manhattan crew to make their way.

November 20, 2015: The Manhattan and Quakertown survivors find refuge in Allentown, PA.

December 1, 2015: The survivor heroes discover a small group of holdouts in the bunkers at Mount Weather, VA.

December 15, 2015: The Manhattan survivors receive an invitation to meet with the leader of the Horsemen biker gang, the Red King.

December 23, 2015: In the wake of a massive horde attack brought on by Elijah Mathis, the Manhattan, Quakertown, and Allentown survivors mass evacuate by helicopter to Mount Weather.

Black Winter: The worst winter in a generation kills many survivors across the world, reducing the living population yet further and bolstering the numbers of the dead.

April 1, 2016: The present.

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