When there is no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the earth…

Civilization is gone. It fell when the dead rose.

All over the world, the recently dead rose from their graves at once. Everyone who was bitten died and rose again. The infection spread faster than it could be contained, and within days every city on earth was overrun with hordes of the walking dead. A few survivors have clung to life here and there, scavenging from their former homes and avoiding contact with the dead.

It has been six months since the Fall.

In less than a year, everything has changed. The government is gone. The military is gone. Hospitals are deathtraps, filled to bursting with the living dead and their victims. The streets are empty of all but the shuffling and moaning of flesh-eating ghouls.

To survive in this new world, you must be fast, smart, tough, or ruthless—or all of them at once. Even in the face of a common enemy, humanity has failed to band together. Survivors fight each other for scraps of food and kill each other for bullets. In this new world, humans are the hunted—and the dead reign.

With the passing of the first winter since the Fall, humanity finds a world vastly changed from the one they knew. The dead walk the earth, and some of them have proven far smarter than anyone believed possible. Though the monster known as the Red King has been defeated and his army scattered, the survivors must face yet more, even stranger perils.

Welcome to the world of…