Dead Reign

Day 1

Life (and death) in the Pine Building

The survivors realized that their food was running low, so five of them got together to make plans. Governor Byrne took the lead on suggestions, while Doris, Rasheed, Brad and Rosalie were pleased to offer their own takes on matters. In the end, the crew decided to go down to the first floor to retrieve a copy of the building directory so they could figure out if there was anything on the higher floors worth looting. A couple of zombies remained in the lobby, but they were easily dispatched by Governor Byrne’s wrestling skills, and Rosalie wound up with a taser of her very own.

The survivor crew took the stairs up to the higher floors and methodically picked through anything of value. They found some medicine in a dentist’s office, but no food. The twelfth floor was barricaded, so they went to the roof to look for another access. Rosalie’s silent scouting proved invaluable, revealing almost a dozen zombies—and a man in a conference room with a self-inflicted gunshot to the head.

The crew opened up the elevator shaft, hoping to use the zombies’ natural stupidity to lure them all to their doom. It was working well enough until one of them showed aberrant behavior: it was able to think well enough to not jump to its doom, but instead to jump across the shaft to try and kill the governor. A well-thrown pipe from Brad and some help from Rosalie saved Byrne’s life and sent the “smart” zombie tumbling to its doom with its kin.

They managed to find enough food in the office’s private catering kitchen to keep the enclave going for a few days, as well as a private elevator that still had power. Taking it to the basement revealed a working generator and some gas, as well as an underground parking garage empty of cars. The crew started making plans to get Doris’ truck and Brad’s humvee inside to repair them and gas them up. In the meantime, they started discussing plans for what to do in the long term, and where to go once the cars were ready.

Survivor Society: Judge Bell made something of a nuisance of himself, and Brad earned the enmity of several survivors with his rude commentary. Governor Byrne is earning the trust of the people, and Rosalie is trying to learn some basic chemistry from the Chadwick brothers. Doris hasn’t made much of an impression on anyone. Everyone is starting to like Rasheed, viewing him as Governor Byrne’s right-hand man.


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