Dead Reign

Day Z(ero)

Prologue and Prelude

The outbreak began a little more than three weeks ago.

At first it looked like an early and virulent strain of the flu. By the time anyone realized how much of a pandemic it was, something like 40% of the country was laid up with fever, sniffles, and aching muscles. It came on hard and fast—and then people started dying in droves. By the end of the first week, the hospitals were full of the dead and dying. When the dead started getting back up and attacking the living, the hospitals turned into charnel houses.

By the end of week two, millions of people had been killed or died from the plague. Even the recently dead from other causes started rising up and feasting on human flesh. The government collapsed, the army was in pieces, and pretty soon we stopped getting news from other countries too. We don’t know if it’s just as bad overseas, but it’s probably not any better.

A week ago, a few survivors who had been too late escaping New York City when everything went to hell holed up in an office building in Lower Manhattan. The Pine Building had an on-site cafeteria for employees and a nurse’s office, so there was a little food and medicine at first. Now, after a week holed up together, supplies are running low and morale is even lower.

Someone has to step up and find food, or the survivors will just be more zombies before too long. Can you do it?


blackwingedheaven blackwingedheaven

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