Dead Reign

Doris Journal #1

Got bit a while ago. Right on the damn arm. My own foolish fault for jumping into a pile of zombie and not backing away. But how could I? Gov’ Brynes was out there all on his own and you don’t turn your back on your convoy.

Ah course I told them right away. At least my immediate crew. Suggested they should just leave me somewhere alone and let me see how it turns out, but they’re a good bunch and didn’t set me out like roadside litter. We let a few other folks in on what happened, mostly the medical crew. They checked me over and they don’t think any saliva got into the wound. It didn’t look like the skin tore, but there were some mighty nasty blood blisters.

Arm still don’t work right. It’s all purple and yellow from the bruising. And sometimes, it throbs. I feel feverish at times, but no like nothing I heard about those who turned. If I think I’m going, I’ll eat a bullet first before I hurt any of my friends. Or even Brad.


blackwingedheaven blackwingedheaven

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