Dead Reign

Doris Journal #2

Goddammit! We found a little town with survivors. Thought we could stay a night or two, rest up, sleep in a real bed, make some friends, and even drop a few people off in a safe place. Unfortunately, the town’s leader’s son is a fanatic with some wicked magic that’s brought what they called the “Raptured” under his control and he thinks Jesus wants him to use them to baptize folk in a more permanent sense than usual.

He took off and of course we went right after him. Just wouldn’t be right to abandon some folk because a few bad eggs. But during the fight, I got overzealous and shot their truck’s gas tank. I thought it’d knock the men folk back and maybe blow up some zombies coming my way.

Instead one man got decapitated and the other set on fire. Holy Jesus shit balls. What the fuck have I done?


blackwingedheaven blackwingedheaven

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