Legendary Edges

Few people survive to become heroes of legend in the world post-zombies. If you’re lucky (or unlucky) enough to be one of those few, look here for details about the way your life can change upon reaching such lofty heights.

Crushing Blow
Legendary, Strength d8+, Fighting d10+
Your blows are strong enough to crush bone and shred sinew. When you make an unarmed attack or an attack with a two-handed weapon, you gain AP 2 (which stacks with any AP from the weapon itself). Additionally, you inflict +1d10 damage on a raise with close combat attacks instead of the usual +1d6.

Legendary, Spirit d8+, Vigor d10+, Harder to Kill
You are so tough that only the most serious attacks can inflict lasting injury. You do not suffer a wound from taking a second Shaken result. Additionally, you never suffer an Injury from becoming Incapacitated.

Horde Fighter
Legendary, Agility d8+, Strength d10+, Counterattack, Extraction, First Strike, Sweep, Fighting d10+, Notice d6+
You’re a one-man zombie wrecking crew. Zombies receive no gang-up bonus against you in melee combat. Additionally, you are considered to have Reach 1 when fighting zombies with a weapon that lacks Reach. Finally, when you participate in a mass battle against a force comprised primarily of zombies or led by an intelligent undead, you add 1 token to your side after comparing force sizes, and you are personally considered to be “light artillery support” for purposes of advantages on Knowledge (Battle) rolls.

Legendary, Smarts d8+, Persuasion d8+
You can make bargains to take others’ souls and use them for your own power in this world and the next. If you explain the nature of the bargain to a person and trade them something they consider valuable, they can willingly offer you their soul. The person suffers a permanent level of Fatigue, and you gain a special Benny that persists from session to session until it is used. You can store no more extra Bennies in this fashion than half your Spirit die.

Legendary, Spirit d8+, Vigor d10+, Improved Nerves of Steel
You just won’t stop fighting, no matter the odds. Once per round when you would suffer an attack that would reduce you to Incapacitated through wounds, you receive a free Soak roll.

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Legendary Edges

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